We need your help…
To help people preparing to die
Experience happiness and dignity during their final chapters of life
The gift of an Endowment Trust will…
Support people affected by life-limiting illnesses
Making every day the best day possible
Creating a legacy for future generations
Leave a legacy, because love lasts longer than a lifetime


For over 40 years Rowcroft Hospice has been caring for patients and their loved ones living with life limiting illnesses across South Devon.

Rowcroft works around the clock, seven days a week, supporting families during the hardest days imaginable and helping them to share precious moments together, making each and every day the best day possible.

Rowcroft’s care is offered free of charge to all adults, irrespective of diagnosis or circumstance.

The welcome here was absolutely outstanding. The food, the care, the attention to detail, to make me feel totally relaxed. Knowing you’ve got people right behind you, the fear goes away.  I’ve watched the staff working and believe me, it’s not work ─it’s love. When you feel that love, it’s like being covered by a giant soothing duvet.”

Ian, Rowcroft patient


  • 10,765 home visits and 26,928 direct phone calls
  • 99.6% people using us would recommend us to others
  • 98.2% feedback score from patients & families
Expert Care

Expert Care

We all know how difficult life can be at the end for both patients and their loved ones. Rowcroft  helps patients to develop a personalised care plan that reflects their needs and wishes.

In line with this plan, Rowcroft provides a wide range of services including specialist medical care for managing the symptoms of illness; advice and support for independent living; complementary therapies, for example, music therapy and reflexology; and support for bereaved relatives through listening services.

Rowcroft cares for patients in its 12-bed Inpatient Unit in Torquay, but the majority of Rowcroft’s work is carried out in the comfort of people’s own homes. Rowcroft’s care has been described by the Care Quality Commission as outstanding, and holds an overall rating of ‘Good’.

“Everyone at Rowcroft listened so carefully to us, and made a huge difference to our quality of life. The patience, skills and care received was life changing or life giving!”

  • 2,409 people received direct care from rowcroft in 2021-22
  • 1,936 patients were supported in their own homes
  • 661 health & social care professionals received training
Your legacy

Your legacy

Rowcroft wants to continue this life-giving work for future generations to come. We are assisting where the need is greatest, and striving to reach as many patients as possible across South Devon. But to do this, we need your help.

To support Rowcroft’s ambition, The Ella Rowcroft Endowment Trust has been established so that you can create your own lasting legacy of compassion and care. A legacy that will help patients and their loved ones to make every day the best day possible.

Every gift received by The Ella Rowcroft Endowment Trust will build a long-term income stream for Rowcroft Hospice. Your gift will help to secure Rowcroft’s life-giving work for the future, directly benefiting patients now and for decades to come.

  • 24/7 hospice at home care support
  • 10,765 patients visits between April 2021 -2022
  • 26,928 patient phone calls between April 2021-2022
Your gift

Your gift

In addition to the benefits for patients and families, there is always so much more to receive from giving including:

  • Donations to charity from individuals are tax free.
  • Gifting land, property or shares is income tax free and capital gains tax gain exempt.
  • In general, transfers to qualifying charities or registered clubs, established in the UK, European Union (EU) and certain other specified countries are wholly exempt for the purpose of inheritance tax. This exemption has no value limit. It applies to both lifetime and death transfers, including transfers of settled property in which the deceased/transferor had a qualifying interest in possession.
  • In addition, in order to encourage people to leave part of their estate to charity, where at least 10% of a person’s net estate is left to charity, the rate of tax charged is reduced to 36%.
  • 100% of every penny donated goes to support patients
  • 40% tax relief on all donations made before death
  • 90% inheritance tax relief on all donations made after death
“And it is in giving, that we recieve”
Francis of Assisi

Become a part of the Rowcroft family

The staff and volunteers at Rowcroft are so proud to care for their community and embody the vision to ‘make every day the best day possible for patients and their families in South Devon’.

Ella Rowcroft’s generosity may have been the spark for Rowcroft to be established, but it’s the generosity of those from South Devon that will ensure Rowcroft is there for everyone for generations to come.

We do hope you support the Ella Rowcroft Endowment Trust and make Rowcroft’s legacy your legacy.

You’ll be making a real difference to people’s lives.